The nSHIELD project aims at addressing Security, Privacy and Dependability (SPD) issues in the context of Embedded Systems (ESs) as “built in” rather than as “add-on” functionalities, perceiving the strategy to be the first step towards SPD certification for the future ES, throughout an holistic approach.

To reach this goal the project aims at establishing an innovative approach in the SPD market, based on availability of a flexible architectural framework that will respond to different application needs. The main assumption which drives nSHIELD activities is that intelligent functions embedded in components and devices will be the key factor in empowering next generation industrial processes and markets in Europe. As a consequence, the design of an innovative SPD-based framework where new functionalities and improved quality of existing solutions co-exist with the capability of delivering such architecture in a competitive cost- effective time frame, will impact on European competitiveness in a large range of domains as automotive, defense, health, industry and energy.

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The project main objective is to conceive and design an innovative, modular, composable, expandable and high-dependable architectural framework which allows to achieve the desired SPD level in the context of integrated and interoperating heterogeneous services, applications, systems and devices; and to develop concrete solutions capable of achieving this objective in specific application scenarios with minimum engineering effort. Four scenarios have been carefully selected in an industry exploitation perspective, in order to cover a wide and significant view of the foreseen industrial needs:

  • dependable surveillance systems for urban railways security
  • dependable system for voice/facial recognition
  • dependable avionic system
  • social mobility and networking dependable system

The proposed ambitious application scenarios correspond to future product and services markets that are expected to exhibit fast growth rates due to socio-economic trends.