The nSHIELD final annual review took place in Nerviano (close to Milan) on the 21st of January, 2015, at SELEX facilities. The consortium also met the previous day to prepare the review.

The project had a successful final review where the Artemis JU Officer and the Reviewers stated that “Overall, the nSHIELD project can be classified as a valuable, cost-effective and well communicated project, both because of its theoretical results and the practical implementations.

The final review document also highligths some important outcomes of the project, including:

A number of important breakthroughs in security architecture and technology – both from a theoretical viewpoint and implemented in demonstrators – have been achieved. The state of the art of embedded security has clearly been advanced.

Some of the findings of the project will definitely have a remarkable impact on the field of embedded security engineering.

All milestones and all promises from the TA have been reached. The demonstrators are valuable and well documented. They are well aligned to the theoretical results obtained by the project.

Dissemination was excellent: during the last year of the project, scientific production has significantly increased w.r.t. the first two years. This testifies that the research activities of the consortium are valuable and acknowledged as such by the scientific community.

Here you can find a few pictures from the final review meeting:

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