The nSHIELD consortium comprises 5 manufacturers and system integrators (ASTS, ETH, HAI, ISL, SES), 7 universities (MGEP, UNIGE, UNIROMA1, UNIUD, TUC, SICS, S-LAB,), 10 SMEs (AT, TECNALIA, ALFA, ISD, MAS, NOOM, T2D, TELC, THYIA, SknFnd) and 2 Industrial R&D organizations (SESM, ATHENA). All partners are from EU Member States and thereof one from a new member state (Slovenia). Most partners are member of ARTEMISIA, while the others will soon start the procedure to join it. This consortium will mobilize the necessary critical mass at European level to achieve the objectives and to reach the impacts set for it.

The participation by major European industry players in embedded systems security and dependability, who will assume leading roles in the project, ensures commercial exploitation of the results developed in the project. The leaderships cover all the main European countries involved in the project. It is once more a proof of the high level of European scope of the nSHIELD team.

The project is leaded by an industrial partnership (70% of the effort) even if an important role is left to the universities and the research centers (30%) in order to bring the needed high innovation. In particular the large industries lead the project with the majority of the effort (38%). Great attention has been done to involve the SMEs: they have been selected among the most active and performing in the European and International SPD field and play a key role (33% of the overall effort) in the development of the new SPD technologies and their integration in the nSHIELD platform.

Consortium map

It is worthwhile underlining that, according to the ARTEMIS concepts, the consortium comprises examples of the whole production chain. This is the case in particular of the Italian (27% of the total effort), the Norwegian and Slovenian (13%), the Swedish (12%) and the Greek (13%) clusters involved respectively in the railway, recognition, avionics and social mobility application scenarios. Other two clusters from Hungary (7%) and Spain (18%) are more focused on the development of the SPD technologies and methodologies and on their integration in the nSHIELD platform.

From the manufacturer’s point of view, nSHIELD federates major ―core-technology departments‖ from the European Industry both for hardware (SES, ETH, ISL), middleware/software (SES, HAI) solutions for embedded system security and dependability and system integration (ASTS).

The academic partners and R&D centres have a strong record and know how to conduct cutting-edge research and will disseminate the results through academic curricula. Leading academic experts for all the Embedded Systems layers under research by nSHIELD are on board, opening the window to scientific committees of major conferences and fora. By setting up complex simulation tools at Node-, Cross- and network- layers, they will explore and evaluate the potential gain of the nSHIELD Technology with respect to the state of the art.

The project partners are: SESM, SelexElsag, ANSALDO-STS, Eurotech, Università Genova, Università Sapienza Roma, ATHENA, Hellenic Aerospace, Integrated Systems Development, Tecnalia, Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa, Movation AS, THYIA Tehnologije, Acorde Technologies.



Project Leader:
Cecilia Coveri
Email: cecilia.coveri[x]


The Spanish partners (ACORDE Technologies, Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation, Indra Software Labs and Mondragon Goi Eskola Poilteknikoa) are executing this project partially funded by their national Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, under agreement ART-010000-2011-6.

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